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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brothers (The pain! It burns!)

Trust me, I have one. He's supposed to go to the MYP next year, but I think it will be too much to bear. I already have enough on my hands without HIM on my hands too! He already bothers me and he's still in the PYP block. I mean, this is a 5th grader who still plays with imaginary guns from his hands with his friends. What's it gonna be like next year, when there's not a block between us? He fights like an animal, embarrassing me everywhere. I really hate him sometimes! But, I still love him. Somehow. Right now he's with a friend playing HALO, so every few minutes there's a comment like, "We're shooting alien giant turkeys."
"No, we're shooting ostriches, everybody knows that."
"So, alien ostriches?" and stuff like that. Who cares? So what if its an alien turkey or an ostrich? No one cares, bro. Here they go again, "I think the aliens stripped them."
Seriously, how immature can you get. There should be an immaturity level called "Brothers" that's off the scale.

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